Poll Of The Week: Most Slept On Hip-Hop Producers? East Coast Edition


Erick Sermon, Bink, Ski Beatz or Rockwilder.

After kicking things off on the west coast last week with the most slept on hip-hop producers, we make our way to the east coast. Now this week we had quite a few names to sift though, but we eventually landed on Erick Sermon, Bink, Ski Beatz or Rockwilder.

Four names that are cemented in hip-hop history from the 80s up to the present. Now you may have heard of the names and if you’re a real hip-hop head then you know the catalog. We here at Da Den feel that these dudes have been slept on way to long and want you to make the choice on who’s the most slept on the east coast.

Cast your votes below.

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