Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Nick Grant 
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[Sunday Spotlight] Nick Grant

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Sunday Spotlight Nick Grant

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Nick Grant.

There is a new face in Atlanta that seems to have everyone’s attention lately. And even though we are late to the party, he has our attention now. Lazies meet Nick Grant.

The Atlanta native first reached our radar after listening to a podcast with Day 1 Radio. After such a dope conversation I was led to the music, where we found his single, “Dead Poet Society“.

It was the music that truly got our attention. This guy didn’t use any gimmicks or melodic flows to keep us listening. It was simply lyricism and a cadence that cuts through like none other. Maybe that’s why Jason Geter took notice and since that meeting, Grant has been everywhere…literally.

Now with a CyHi The Prynce feature under his belt and a co-sign from Sway after an impressive freestyle on his show, Nick Grant is well on his way of solidifying his spot in this industry. In the meantime, take the time to get familiar with his catalog and visuals below.