Yamin Semali – ‘Phantom Feeling’ LP


Phantom Feeling

First off when was the last time you remember an album being released on a Tuesday? That alone should tell you where Yamin Semali mindset is with his latest project Phantom Feeling.

We heard the project about a week ago and trust us, it is nothing short of a classic. The East Point wordsmith gets right to the point on the opening title track warning the opposition to not bite off more than they can chew. And taking us back to the days of banging the line of those unwanted calls on “Land Line”. My personal fav is “One Deep” where Yamin let it be known that he prefers to be solo.

Produced entirely by Dublohskytzo, Yamin keeps the features at a minimum on the 13 track album, calling on one of our past Sunday Spotlight members Lazurus on “Marianas Web” and Bright Son on “Wanderlost”.

Yamin tells Da Den via message that Phantom Feeling is “the sensation you get when you are disconnected from something, yet you can still feel it’s presence, like a missing limb that still itches. I’ve been working on this album for three years and now due to the pandemic, many people are dealing with this phenomenon metaphorically due to social distancing and having to deal with “the new normal.” I hope these tracks help listeners deal with it all, because I was feeling this way years ago.”

Stream Phantom Feeling below via Yamin Semali’s Bandcamp and be sure to support with a purchase.