Rest In Peace Sm00ve


R.I.P. Sm00ve
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Look there’s no good way to write this, in fact, it’s tough and quite frankly I’m at a loss for words. We lost an emcee who was still laying his foundation in the city. So to hear that he was murdered just didn’t sit right in my spirit.

May 31, 2015, 9:24pm “What’s good boss this Sm00ve, I was tryna confirm the show for the 6th @ PAG LOUNGE.” That was the first text I received from Sm00ve.

Photo courtesy of @lastnamegood

See our genesis was always about the music. The hunger I heard when I first listened to “Last Night” was all I needed to hear to know this dude was special. He left everything in the music. He poured his heart and soul into the message he wanted the people to hear.

Photo courtesy of @the_kodakk

Fast forward 5 years and Sm00ve had started to sharpen his blade, performing over the city and releasing several projects in the process, all while keeping true to his mantra B.R.A.N.D. (Becuz Real Ain’t Neva Died).

Look man R.I.P. Sm00ve and if you didn’t get the opportunity to meet the homie or hear his message, take the time to get caught up to speed below. Let his legacy live on through the music.

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