[Sunday Spotlight] T. Walker


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight T. Walker.

Can we have an honest moment for a second? My life has been busy beyond measure lately. Not that I’m complaining at all, but between putting together a tour, events and new things arising in life, its been a task to keeps things moving on the site. Thankfully we have a team that are able to fill in some of the gaps, but its really been tough. So first off thank you for continuing to rock with us. You’re truly the reason why we keep going.

Now back to busy. I’m currently sitting on the passenger side of our rental while the homie J-Coop is speeding down I-10 on our way to New Orleans and it hit me that we have to do a Sunday Spotlight artist for this week. Lazies meet T. Walker.

I can’t quite remember when we first ran into the homie (my guess in at A3C a couple of years back. However I was reminded of his genius of the North Carolina emcee during a stop on our Paid In AmeriKKKa Tour in Wilmington, North Carolina. As the night started to wind down, a cypher broke out and at that moment T. Walker came alive. Backed by drums and an extremely attentive crowd, he began to drop jewels throughout the night off the top. Calling out names on shirts and objects around the room.

Later that night we reached out and he gave us a couple of links to his music. Of course we governed ourselves accordingly and vibe with everything we could get our hands on. To make a long story short we knew it was only a matter of time we named him our Sunday Spotlight of the week.

As always we decided to drop his catalog before for your enjoyment.




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