iamchelseaiam Has No Time For Sob Stories On New Single “Pity Party”


Go cry somewhere else.

Next week we’re bringing Sundresses And Sangria, an all R&B concert to Atlanta’s historic Old 4th Ward venue, The Music Room. Ms. iamchelseaiam just so happens to be one of our featured artists of the night, so when she sent over her latest single she had our full attention.

We first crossed paths during A3C of last year and after seeing her grace the stage with her guitar and angelic vocals, we were hooked. Today we get a different side of iamchelseaiam as she delivers her new single “Pity Party”.

She describes “Pity Party” as a song “about a past relationship that I was in and basically being tired of hearing sob stories from my then ex about how we should be together again…[Pity Party] represents the beginning of a new chapter for me. For awhile I entertained the thoughts, listening to my ex because I still loved and cared for him deeply. I think a lot of women can identify with that one person that you continue a terrible cycle with. But to me, it’s about saying enough is enough.”

Listen to “Pity Party” below and be sure to grab a copy on iTunes.