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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Topiq the Smooth Prophet
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[Sunday Spotlight] Topiq the Smooth Prophet

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Topiq the Smooth Prophet.

Since the inception of this site we’ve fought to keep quality content in front of your eyes consistently. There’s also one other thing that’s remained constant, and that’s our Sunday Spotlight. Every week since forever we dig through our archives and Soundcloud to find who we think should be on your radar. Normally one of two things happen. Either we discover your music randomly through Soundcloud’s algorithm or we notice that we’ve been supporting you for years and never gave you that official stamp. That’s exactly what happened this week. Lazies meet Topiq the Smooth Prophet.

We initially caught wind of the Fayetteville, North Carolina native back in 2013 on the No9to5 Music “Clockwork” single. Since that time he’s graced our pages on several occasions even making a guest appearance on our Str8OutDaDen Podcast.

It wasn’t until we heard his latest single, “Hip-Notic” featuring another past Sunday Spotlight artist JSWISS where we were quickly reminded why we rock with the homie so heavy already. So we thought it was only right to give Topiq his just due as Sunday Spotlight.

As always we dropped his entire catalog below for your listening pleasure.