Kendrick Lamar Returns, Sends Warning Shots On “The Heart Part 4”


New album dropping April 7th?

Well it looks King Kendrick is back in his bag. After taking a brief break from everything, we received a new pic on Kendrick’s Instagram with the Roman numeral 4. The pic has now been removed, but many speculated that the picture stood for his 4th album on the way (yes I count Section 80 as his first album).

Turns out this represented a new single, “The Heart Part 4”. Of course everyone is breaking down the bars on this one already with the noteworthy “shots” took at some rapper.

My fans can’t wait for me to son ya punk a$$, and crush your whole lil sh*t/ I’ll Big Pun ya punk a$$ you a scared little b*tch/ Tip-toeing around my name, n*gga, ya lame/ and when I get at you homie don’t you just tell me you was just playin’

Outside of that Kendrick sends the ultimate warning shot to end the 4 minute song by saying, “y’all got until April the 7th to get your sh*t together.” Our guess is that another song will come to end the speculation of who’s being talked to. Others think it’s his upcoming album. Either way we’re here for it.

Listen to “The Heart Part 4” below and head over to iTunes to cop.