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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Fat Bastard Jay
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[Sunday Spotlight] Fat Bastard Jay

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Fat Bastard Jay.

Fresh off one of the dopest shows we’ve put together in the existence of this site’s inception, we here at Da Den is back to our regular scheduled programming and as always were are back to showcasing some of the best indie talent in the nation. With that being said, Lazies meet Fat Bastard Jay.

The Mobile, Alabama native was one of the artist to touch the stage for Paid In AmeriKKKa Live and as expected he brought his energy and lyricism to city of Atlanta. FBJ first came on our radar about a year ago when we saw him perform in Mobile. His grind and hustle are bar none one that should be known and respected. Usually traveling with a couple of people from his crew, FBJ comes ready for anything you can throw at him.

As always we decided to put together his catalog and visuals below.