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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight KAMAU
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[Sunday Spotlight] KAMAU

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Sunday Spotlight KAMAU

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight KAMAU.

From time to time we need a buffer in music. Someone who is willing to completely break away from the monotony of what this industry has become. Today that buffer comes in the form of a Maryland-raised DC native who is more than a rapper and singer. This guy is a visionary and pure artist in every sense of the word. Lazies meet KAMAU.

Now before I go any further, I will admit we were a bit late to the party. It was the beauty of TIDAL once again this week where I heard KAMAU short and sweet gem of a record titled, “JAMBO”. Even though the song is short, there is more than enough to love about the record. From the laughs in the intro to the tribal chant like instrumentation. Add that to the rapping and singing ability of KAMAU and it truly makes for the perfect introduction…even if its a couple of months later.

Currently out on the road for his summer tour, KAMAU live show is what truly defines his art. This is made clear through his carefully crafted visuals, which usually shows his energetic presence.


With his upcoming EP, A Gorgeous Fortune set for a July 1st release (preorder it here on iTunes), we decided to clue you in on what to expect from KAMAU by dropping what’s available of his catalog below. Enjoy!