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Relieve Pre-School w/ Frank Mcfly's "Only Want You" Video - and Listen!

Relieve Pre-School w/ Frank Mcfly’s “Only Want You” Video

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only want you

A young crush that turns to a familiar story.

Remember those young years of “love”? You know when you first laid eyes on that special young lady or young guy. For me that was Jennifer Wilson. I was in Kindergarten at Riley Elementary in Macon. I was sitting in class and in walks this light-skin girl with her hair braided in one single braid that reached what seem liked the floor. Trust me I was five but I knew this one was the one.

I remember telling my mom that I liked this girl at school and I wanted to get her something. Now I don’t quite remember what I got her, but for the sake of the story lets just say it was some earrings from the gift shop. I loved that girl a solid 3 years without actually saying anything.

I left Riley around 3rd grade and never heard from Jennifer again until oddly enough high school. By then so much time had past and I don’t think we ever had that conversation face to face. So hey Jennifer if you read this one day, I Justin Goodwin loved you way back in elementary school. (My wife is going to kill me for that one lol).

Anyway what does this personal story of my life have to do with this new visual from Brooklyn native Frank Mcfly? Everything! For his latest single “Only Want You”, Frank tells a similar story with a visual that finds a couple of young people exploring school yard love, only to tie their parents in with a strange twist at the end.

Watch the visual below.