Why You Should Be Defining Your Own Lane Instead Of Watching Others


Defining Your Own Lane

Defining your own lane is crucial to your success.

In this industry, it’s so easy to look at the next person’s success and want it for yourself. Sometimes looking over in their lane can take you off of your own course. We all have our own “race to run”. So why do we waste time watching the others path and not our own?

Well for one, experience is the best teacher and if I’m looking at someone else mistakes, I can avoid making the same ones right? Yes and no. Sometimes those mistakes they made can turned to successes for you. The truth is we all should be learning from one another. The key is to know the difference between learning from others and focusing on others.

When I first started in this world of media, I didn’t  know what I was doing. So I asked for help and I used those who were experienced in my field as a start up guide. I watched what they did, but then I used that information to create my own lane. Now the real truth is that I tried doing things exactly like they did and guess what, I failed. I had to learn the hard way that their success and path (or lane) was for them and not for me.

Success takes time and focus. If you have a driver’s license then you know losing your focus on the road for even a second can cause a major accident. Your career is no different. Identify your lane, do the research, drive in your own lane and continue on the path until success come. Now will there be bumps in the road…yes. Will you have to get off  an exit or two…of course. All is true, but remember its all about the final destination.

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