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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Kay Dené
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[Sunday Spotlight] Kay Dené

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Sunday Spotlight Kay Dené

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Kay Dené.

Remember the days when you finally saw your favorite artist perform live, the bone chilling feeling you would have? That never left for me, but it seems in the days of technology advancement, that the live show has took somewhat of a backseat. Now we settle for the DJ hitting play on a mp3 and the artist hit the stage and gone within 10 minutes, leaving you looking around like “I paid $50 for this!”. What happened to performing with a live band that throughly knows your music catalog? Enter this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist. Lazies meet Kay Dené.

The Atlanta singer songwriter is backed by her band The Record and to say they put on a great show is truly an understatement. From delivery to stage presence, they have everything and whether they know it or not, they’re ready for the big stage.

We decided to give you just a quick glimpse into their world by giving you a few gems from their catalog below. Enjoy!