Drake Or Future: Who Had A Bigger 2015?


drake or future

Jumpman Jumpman Jumpman.

Now that were are a week and a half into 2016, one can’t help but to reflect on all 2015 was. Even though Kendrick Lamar took the prize as our 2015 Best Album Of The Year for To Pimp A Butterfly, there was no doubt that two others had more impact to the masses this past 12 months. Yep you guessed it, Drake and Future.

Now the real question is which one of them had a bigger 2015? Was it Drake with his public humiliation turned Grammy nomination of Meek Mill with “Back To Back” along with the release of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and What A Time To Be Alive. Or was it Future, who brought himself back to life with a couple of mixtapes Beast Mode and 56 Nights, along with his own solo project, DS2 and a joint project with Drake.

You be the judge and cast your vote below.

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