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Elliott Niezel & Heartbeatz Connect For 'Code Talkers' LP

Elliott Niezel & Heartbeatz Connect For ‘Code Talkers’ LP

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Code Talkers

The Cali native connects with the Heartbeatz for his latest LP.

I first met Elliott Niezel during an Underground Railroad at A3C last year. Since seeing his high energy show, I gravitated to his work. Today we receive his latest work with Heartbeatz for their Code Talkers LP.

Elliott’s native roots take you on a twist of the mind, a play on words. Native Code Talkers were invaluable to our country although we destroyed theirs. Rappers can be referred to as Code Talkers, or at least Elliott can. Listen and learn. Absorb the passion. Take it with you or revisit as you please for this is a fully FREE gift to our fans. Many blessings. Native Pride. E.