[Sunday Spotlight] DUBB


Sunday Spotlight DUBB

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist DUBB

We’ve been covering this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist for a quite some time now and now that I think about it, he was one of the first artist that we really gravitated towards. Lazies meet DUBB. The South Central emcee has been grinding for a minute now. There’s even some footage floating around the net of him and Kendrick Lamar battling back in the day.

Today its about him as we take the time to shine some light on his career in hopes that some more people can pay attention. His most recent full body of work is Perfect Timing dropped last month and has been in rotation on my phone ever since.

The truth is DUBB has managed to create a sound that’s his own, while staying true to the grit that we all love from the west coast.

Take the time to get familiar with everything there is to know DUBB below.




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