Terrace Martin: Kendrick Lamar’s Secret Weapon


terrace martin Kendrick Lamar's Secret Weapon

The Soundtrack To Pimp A Butterfly

The past couple of weeks have been all about Kendrick Lamar and his sophomore major release, To Pimp A Butterfly. The reviews have been plentiful and for the most part, everyone thinks that the album is solid. Whether or not TPAB is a classic yet remains to be seen, however there is no doubt that this album will be part of our conversation for days to come.

A couple of days ago we posted our What Mason Dixie Thinks…About To Pimp A Butterfly. Anyone who knows Mason knows that he always has some colorful commentary to add. At the end of the day people will praise K.Dot for his work, but this time around I wanted to spotlight the man behind the music and who I’m calling Kendrick Lamar’s secret weapon.




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