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Str8OutDaDen Phone Interview: Bryant Stewart
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Str8OutDaDen Phone Interview: Bryant Stewart

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The other side of Ferguson, Missouri

It’s no secret that prior to the Mike Brown killings, most of us didn’t have a clue where Ferguson, Missouri was and how life was in the St. Louis suburb. Hopefully after hearing out latest interview with Bryant Stewart, things will clear up a bit. We first caught wind of Stewart a couple of weeks earlier on his “American Pie” single. That record alone set the tone for our interview with the St. Louis artist, who currently resides in Ferguson.

Bryant Stewart gave us more details about the location of the city of Ferguson and how it was a place of escape for him and his family. Growing up in St. Louis, his family was proud to be one of the few of those people able to “get out” and make a better way in the suburbs. Stewart spoke on having purpose in his music and truly understanding the responsibility of having a microphone in his hands. While we didn’t go into too much details of the case itself, we did speak on how the people in city of Ferguson are fighting for justice and how his music has proven to be prophetic in a sense. He explains himself while thinking back on an earlier project saying, “now people can see the Quiktrip on fire”.

We also get details on a new project in the works for Bryant Stewart entitled 8 Shades of Gray due out January 2015. Definitely learned a lot about this guy and in only 16 minutes. Take to the time to listen below and if you like what you hear tell us and tell Bryant Stewart.