The Winning Team: The Losers Win Again (Album)


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By now you probably have heard us talk about the Winning Team quite a few times. Whether it was as a guest on our podcast, being featured on our Sunday Spotlight: The Mixtape Vol. 3 or bringing you dope hip-hop from the Southside of Atlanta. Today though, we get the debut album from the collective. Abib Jahleel, TRUTH & J-Coop make up the Winning Team and even though they are much more than emcees, this 10 track project is the main focus. Last night we were on hand to listen to the project in full during their block party listening session at Iron Palm Tattoos here in Atlanta. Lets just say you will be impressed. Introspective Minds handled the majority of the production on this one with ID Labs, Cypria, T. Clarke, MKS BEATS and even myself chiming in a on “Vox Populi”. Definitely one for the car, iTunes and your cell phones. So take the time and get an earful with the free stream below, but make sure your support good music and purchase the project here.

Relax and Listen after the jump.

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