Exit PK ONEDAY (The Band)…Enter PK ONEDAY (The Brand)



PK ONEDAY hit the net today with a big announcement for their fans. The group that consisted of Brian, Lasanna & Marlon has decided that their time as the PK ONEDAY (the band) has come to an end. The crew will continue you on with Lasanna (Ace Harris Music) focusing solely on production and Brian (TAYLOR.) on songwriting and his solo artistry. They broke the news and dropped a final record via letter on their site.

Read the full letter and pick up the new record after the jump.

To Our Dear Family, Friends, and Fans

It is with great sentiment that we announce that our time as the PK ONEDAY (the band) has come to an end. This decision has not come easy for us, and we know that many of you will be disappointed. However, in this season we have been called to move forward on individual career paths. During our existence, God has done a great work in us. The opportunity to create music as a career, traveling the country to perform, and spending time with our fans and peers, is more than we could have ever dream.

Going forward, you can expect thrilling things from each of us, as we continue to support each other. Lasanna and Brian will continue with the company in the aspect of music, as Lasanna (alias: Ace Harris Music) focuses strictly on production and Brian (alias: TAYLOR.) on songwriting and his solo artistry. Marlon has transitioned his ministerial skills from music/performing, to teaching in order to directly impact the youth and young adults on a personal level.

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported and inspired us through the years. We appreciate the love. Because you waited so long for new music, we want to honor our people by giving you a final song. This digital release is a song called “CLOSER TO YOUR HEART” that signifies our growth and new journey.

In addition, we will be releasing “PK ONEDAY: THE SOUND ROOM” before December 16, 2013. The compilation will contain instrumentals, “hook only” tracks, and the lyric sheets of some fan favorites from the PK ONEDAY catalog. Perfect for DJs, karaoke, or aspiring minds looking to remix our songs or write an original to our tracks, the release will be a great gift for the holidays.

We hope you enjoy these releases as much as we’ve enjoyed performing for you over the years. It has been an incredible experience. Download “CLOSER TO YOUR HEART” here and visit the new PK ONEDAY website for updates, and information on “THE SOUND ROOM”!

You will always be the best fans in the world.

Brian, Lasanna, & Marlon

DOWNLOAD: PK ONEDAY – Closer To Your Heart