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T.O.A.K: Rise and Grind (Prod. by JR Hitmaker)

T.O.A.K: Rise and Grind (Prod. by JR Hitmaker)

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rise and grind

The universal saying “rise and grind” is something that you may see everyday on Facebook statuses, tweets, Instagram, even apparel. Motivation for some, but, for T.O.A.K, it’s a lifestyle. Creator of ATC (Around The Clock), T.O.A.K lives by his “ATC – Around The Clock – Only Way I Know To Grind” mentality. So, it was only fitting for T.O.A.K to create this universal song “Rise and Grind” (prod. by JR Hitmaker) to go along with the universal saying “rise and grind”. You’re gonna want to replay this!
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