Éternel Cosmique (Infinito 2017 & DJ Cosm): Dope Fresh (Album)


dope fresh

This is one of those album that come across my desk that you know will shift hip-hop culture. Lazies meet Éternel Cosmique (Infinito 2017 & DJ Cosm).

When veteran Chicago rapper/painter Infinito 2017 and DJ Cosm (of Canada’s Dragon Fli Emipre) were both touring Europe, they were introduced to each others music through a mutual friend in Paris. After building for a while, they decided to work on a project. The result is this 15 track collection of banging beats and rhymes. The project came together naturally because both artists share a passion for the creativity and individuality that many complain is lost in today’s hip hop landscape. This album is a must have for those who love hip hop legends such as De La Soul and Common Sense.

Relax and Listen below.

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