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Destiny's Child To Release 'Love Songs' Compilation Album - and Listen!

Destiny’s Child To Release ‘Love Songs’ Compilation Album

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Beyoncé announces new Destiny’s Child compilation album. My wife is probably jumping for joy about this one. Now the REAL question is…will they reunite on stage at the Superbowl? Continue reading for artwork and tracklisting. Relax and Listen!

1. “Cater 2 U” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
2. “Killing Time” (“Destiny’s Child” (1998))
3. “Second Nature” (“Destiny’s Child” (1998))
4. “Heaven” (“Simply Deep” (2002))
5. “Now That She’s Gone” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
6.”Brown Eyes” (“Survivor” (2001))
7. “If” ( “Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
8. “Emotion” (“Survivor” (2001))
9. “If You Leave (featuring Next)” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
10. “T-Shirt” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
11. “Temptation” (“The Writing’s On The Wall” (1999))
12. “Say My Name” (Timbaland remix) (“This Is The Remix” (2002))
13. “Love” (“Destiny Fulfilled” (2004))
14. “Nuclear” (“Destiny’s Child – Love Songs” (2013))