J-Coop & Last Name Good "Just Got Put On"

J-Coop & Last Name Good “Just Got Put On”

you can thank SODD Staff July 4, 2016 2 Comments

Just Got Put On Artwork

Featuring Kyeoshin.

Well it looks like J-Coop plan to add some extra heat this summer as he drops his second record within a matter of weeks. This one is produced by Last Name Good as well and word is the two have a EP is on the way. “Just Got Put On” features Kyeoshin and seems to pick right up where the infectious “Get Away” left off and feels all of summer time in a box Chevy with two 18s in the trunk.

See what Coop had to say about the single below along with the stream.

There’s nothing more satisfying than building something with your own two hands. To be able to pull your own weight and accomplish what others perceived to be impossible. All goals and dreams can be achieved through hard work and determination. I fully endorse all independent movements, there is nothing greater than standing tall without the machine. The Thirteen American Colonies went war with Britain to gain true independence and found The United States of America. The BLACK slaves that America owned revolted, escaped and eventually joined forces with The Union to abolish slavery, went through more hell after the fact and still become a prominent force in the world today. I say all of this to say, never wait for another to put you in the position that you want to be. Put yourself on and the others around you!

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