Stream Neak’s KWESBAAR LP


The Chicago wordsmith returns with a stellar LP.

So if you’re like me you saw KWESBAAR and immediately looked up the meaning. Now if you haven’t done the work, I will tell you it translates to vulnerable. The origin is Afrikaans and with that small bit of history lesson, Neak once again shows why his music is important to the culture.

Neak gives us a brief explanation of why he chose the title. Read that first and be sure to stream his latest LP below via Spotify.

What are you VULNERABLE to?

That’s the ethical question Neak’s self-produced album asks of oneself…

Soaked in the elements of hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk, and driven by heavy synthesizing and collaborative instrumentation, Neak designs a musical platform allowing him to discuss his greatest insecurities, agonizing internal fears, and featuring the trials and tribulations of people through many walks of life. Employing fluent rhyme schemes on striking subjects like, “Lost Fathers,” and “Gold,” to crafting a tribute to soul/jazz/funk legend “Kool and The Gang” on “Dreamer’s Sadness” where Neak orchestrates vintage synth leads, he plays himself. KWESBAAR pushes his musical prowess to a level beyond his past; demonstrating his love for retro production and true-to-life raps. Collaborating alongside a multitude of skillful musicians such as trumpeter Sam Trump, pianist Aminata Burton, alto sax player Caroline Davis, and rap luminaries such as GLC, Rita J., and Rashid Hadee, this album is nothing short of a masterpiece inside and out. KWESBAAR is Neak’s first introduction as an all-inclusive producer using the landscape of his life as a classroom moving from his current consciousness, to the next.