Da Den 10 Playlist (Apr. 22nd – Apr. 28th)


Our top ten songs from the week of Apr. 22nd – Apr. 28th.

For this week’s edition, we get new records from King Jai, Wande, Clay James and more.

Check out the full tracklist and stream below.

Trvpbeez – Lil B*tch
Anterluz – Gold Wrist
Big O – Isolated (feat. Frannie EL)
MIRAAGE – Thanos
Madk@p – Slow It Down
Keenan Charles – The Plot
Cole Connor – Out da Blu
King Jai – Mr. Barberman (feat. King Elway)
Clay James – Count Ya Blessing (feat. A Pimp Named Sweet Tooth)
Wande – Blessed Up