Good Vibes Only: July 16th – July 23rd


More playlist adjace vibes.

We’re back with another week of our favorite vibes of the week of July 16th – July 23rd.

Surreal – “Hello”

Juan Donovan – “Fireworks” (feat. Aliché)

Jon Vinyl – “Star-Crossed”

Mike SB – “Get Up”

Terrell Morris – “Field Test”

Telescreens – “Poison”

Rome – “All In”

Hendrix Harris – “New Chains” (Prod by G E N I U S)

Lent – “Capella”

sonn – “Mercy” ft. Ayelle

Noah Slee – “Stayed”

gregNWMN – “Avalanche” (ft. Daylyt)

Roqy Tyraid – “Jim Kelly”

CYRUS aka “Kid 16” – Speeding

Scott Onu – “Trip Slip” (prod. by Scott!$h)

Ryan Svendsen – “One Hundred Percent” Ft. Jerome Thomas

donSMITH – “Penfield”

Sam Setton – “Santiago”

Tieran – “Side to Side”

stefan – “broken”