Good Vibes Only: May 28th – June 4th


Playlist adjace.

Over the years we’ve had our fair share of different features on Da Den. Our most recent favorite is Da Den 10. For those of you new to the party, that’s when we make a playlist of our top 10 records of the month. Truthfully its tough to just name 10 records, so for that reason we present Good Vibes Only.

The concept is simple. Every week we will post some of our favorites that came through the pipeline. There’s no set amount so we truly get an opportunity to showcase more dopeness. Check out this week’s edition of Good Vibes Only below.

King Khali – “Poor Decisions, Good Intentions”

icekream – “No Questions”

Trevor The Trashman – “Shoulda Known There Was A Problem”

GNGR – “Without You”

Jake Morse – “Hate”

Jon Dacom – “Whatever You Want”

Tommie King – “Last 24”

Rae Stewart – “Dangerous”

Chakkra Tara – “Vibez”

The QUEENDOM – “Duty”

Maya Killtron – “Satin Sheets”

Next Town Down – “Easy”

Next Town Down – “Rock”

Martha Afework – “Won’t Stop”

Summer Payton – “More Than a Lie”

YellowStraps – “Idle Talk”

Keenan The First – “Repoman”

JxSTILL – “Invisible”

Bluestaeb – “Left & Right”

donSMITH – “Home Game” Feat. Theravada

Milan Ring – “2063”

Khinomyte Hammington – “English Major”

GOLDSPACE – “Heavy Hitter” Feat. Saint Laurant

DESIIRE – “The Chase”

Arlo – “Settle”

Cellis – “TYPE”


Hendrix Harris – “BANKWRAPPED” (Prod. by G E N I U S)

Serious Klein – “91 Flex”

Yogii – “PokerFace”

Musicbyko – “Adersity” (Prod By juno)

Musicbyko – “Issues” Feat. Dre/fal$h

Valencia – “Seasons”

Shyland Flowers – “For The Wire”

Robotaki – “Butterscotch” Feat. Jamie Fine x falcxne

lojii – “colour”

The Fury MCs – “Lets Get It”

Serious Klein – “Boy Boy” (Prod. By Shove Island and Rascal)

Vic August – “MIA” Feat. Auto

Jon Vinyl – “Cherry Blossom”

Molly Moore – “Tough Love”

JP Reynolds – “Mirror”

T Star – “See You Grow”

Mike SB – “She Say”

Aaron Taos – “Amazing”

Sommy Lovell – “Et cetera”

Prodigal Sunn and Ghostface – “Big Manufacturers”

Apathy – “The Order” (Prod. by DJ Premier)