Lucien Parker – “Round Me”


The Minnesota native makes his debut on Da Den.

One of my personal favorite vacations to date was to Minneapolis, Minnesota. If I’m being completely transparent, I didn’t think it would have been one of those unforgettable places. Everything from good food to record shopping and bike riding (yes that’s right I said bike riding), made my trip to the house that Prince built well worth it.

So exactly what does that have to do with Lucien Parker? The Minneapolis native makes his debut on Da Den with a new single “Round Me” that perfectly embodied my experience in The Twin Cities. The guy has flows for days but he’s also entertaining. Parker finds a unique way to infuse catchy melodies and casino metaphors that gives me the urge to play Texas Holdem on my phone right now.

Listen to “Round Me” below.

Check out the video as well below.