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Blvck Spvde Is 'Hopeless And Romanticizing' In New LP (STREAM) - and Listen!

Blvck Spvde Is ‘Hopeless And Romanticizing’ In New LP (STREAM)

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‘Tis the season to love again.

St. Louis is by no means a soft city with soft residents but there is love there. Showcasing said love, Blvck Spvde recently released his new Hopeless and Romanticizing album. Let’s keep it a buck: actual love music doesn’t come around often nowadays especially from our male artists. Spvde brings plenty family and friends to party including but not limited to Tef Poe, Fresh Daily and Corey Blvck to name a few. Stream and support the Hopeless and Romanticizing album below.

[work = Love]