[Sunday Spotlight] Sara Daoud


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Sara Daoud.

Discovery is the name of the game. When we say that, understand that it goes both ways. Not only do we want to show you the latest in everything dope, we also love we we come across something new that completely floors us. The same can be said for this week’s Sunday Spotlight. Lazies meet Sara Daoud.

The Los Angeles based singer first caught our attention a couple of weeks ago with the release of her latest visual for “Dolla Bill”. The production was our initial entry point, but as soon as he starting to sing, we were hooked.

It was truly one of the first time we’ve heard those type of vocals over production that you would think was from UGK or perhaps on a Curren$y & Wiz mixtape. Sara Daoud finds her own lane The Get By Life EP and now there’s word that a new project, SPACE & TIME is right around the corner.

As always we decided to drop her catalog below to catch you up to speed.