[Sunday Spotlight] Rugby Wild


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Rugby Wild.

The word of the day at this point has to be energy. It’s energy that can push or pull you into different directions for good or bad. It’s energy that makes you resonate to people and their lifestyles. Today that energy and emotion lead us to this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist. Lazies meet Rugby Wild.

We came across the Newark, New Jersey artist just a couple of days ago and immediately after pressing play we knew this guy was special. In a climate where everyone sounds the same on purpose, its refreshing to hear someone in their own lane unapologetically.

We reached out to Rugby Wild via Twitter to ask him our 3 Lazy Questions:

SODD: What inspires you?
RW: I’m inspired by soul music & art galleries.

SODD: What is your earliest memory of hip-hop?
RW: My earliest memory of hip hop was listening to Big Daddy Kane on a cassette tape after telling my dad I wanted to be a rapper.

SODD: What would you change about hip-hop?
RW: What I would love to change about hip hop right now is lack of perspective from different groups of the youth and make it more interesting when it comes to taking Branding & marketing to the next level.

As always we figured we would bring you up to speed with everything Rugby Wild below.