[Sunday Spotlight] DJKMOR


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight DJKMOR.

It’s days like this when I truly hope Soundcloud can work out whatever financial issues they may be dealing with. More importantly it reminds me that they should focus on the indie artists, podcasts and dj mixes. However let me get off my soap box and deliver this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist. Lazies meet DJKMOR.

The Dallas, TX resident came on our radar after randomly popping up on my feed after going through some submissions. At first I didn’t realize it was a DJ mix that was pleasing my ears. That’s until I heard what appeared to be a DJ tag and from there I was sold.

After going through a couple of mixes, it was apparent who this week’s Sunday Spotlight belong to. Fusing hip-hop, r&b, pop and EDM is a unique way, there’s not a doubt that DJKMOR is entertaining (my wife is singing along to Beyoncé “Signs” right now by the way).

As always we decided to drop his ENTIRE Soundcloud catalog below and if that’s not enough for you, head over to his Mixcloud page for more.