[Sunday Spotlight] Ashley Sorrell


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Ashley Sorrell.

Detroit is a city known for many things. Those closely familiar with the Motor City know that Detroit will always have its close relationship with cars and music. Now things have changed a bit over the years, but one thing has remain constant…the D has an abundance of talent. Clue this week’s Sunday Spotlight Ashley Sorrell.

First making her way on Da Den just last month with her “Danger” single, the Detroit native quickly made her way in our hearts. I’m sure flipping a Kaytranada instrumental had something to do with it. Add that to Ashley unique approach and delivery and it make things a bit easier when it was time to find a Sunday Spotlight.

We dug around and discovered she released her Take It From Here album back in 2014 and we thought it would add it along with the rest of her catalog we could find below for your enjoyment.




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