[Sunday Spotlight] Monae Giovani


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Monae Giovani.

There are some artist who no matter how much you enjoy their music, watching them perform live is tragic. Breathe control is non existent, remembering their own lyrics is an afterthought and the keep it a buck they are flat out boring on stage. None of this describes this week’s Sunday Spotlight. Lazies meet Monae Giovani.

The singer/songwriter hails from the Eastside of Atlanta and first caught our attention after DiV.W insisted that we give her single “Nobody” a listen. Words can’t describe the feeling and emotions that went through my body after hearing her. Fast forward a couple of weeks later and we had the pleasure of seeing her perform live.

The chemistry that her and producer Tone Legend has is bar none and its even more apparent when you hear her debut EP Mona Lisa. The 7 track EP is a modern day masterpiece of seduction and soul.

Today we thought it was past due that we made her our Sunday Spotlight artist. As always we decided to drop off her entire catalog below.




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