[Sunday Spotlight] Hello Tomorrow


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Hello Tomorrow.

Who would have thought South Carolina and Michigan would connect to make beautiful music? Apparently that plan is in motion and working way beyond expectations. Today’s Sunday Spotlight finds us taking a closer look at the duo via Working Class Music Group. Lazies meet Hello Tomorrow.

The group consist of South Carolina producer Tone Beatz and Detroit emcee D.Focis. Now Tone Beatz we just met and were happy we did, this guys production is bar none better than a lot of the music out right now and that’s coming from someone who’s a producer himself.

D.Focis on the other hand is an artist that Da Den is all too familiar with. Not only is he one of the first artist we ever interviewed way back in those early days with a camera and hurt feet from walking everywhere during A3C, he’s also been landing on our pages since 2013.

Today its all about Hello Tomorrow. With their Hallelujah LP circulating the net, the duo shares stories of soul, beauty and redemption throughout their catalog. As always we decided to bring you up to speed with everything they had to offer collectively by dropping the catalog below. Enjoy.




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