[Sunday Spotlight] Lou Phelps


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Lou Phelps.

For this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist we shake things up a bet as we introduced you to an artist/DJ from Canada. Lazies meet Lou Phelps.Most people may know him as the younger brother of producer Kaytranada and even though that’s a great co-sign, we wanted to keep the light shined on Lou Phelps and his accomplishments.

We first came across his music last month with the release of his 001: Experiments project. A quick listen to that project and you will be forced to head down the worm hole we call the internet to find everything there is Lou Phelps.

Those closer to his catalog may remember when him and his brother form The Celestics and their Supreme Laziness project. The artist formerly known as Louie P is far from those days and shows growth in his sound and delivery.

As always we wanted to give you a look into his world by dropping his catalog below.




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