[Sunday Spotlight] Reginald Gohnson


Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Reginald Gohnson.

For this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist we take a trip down to the home of Scarface, Purple Drank and Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. That’s Houston for those of you still in the dark. Now those may be names that your know from the back of your hand, but our job is to put you on some of the dopest indie talent that you should have known about yesterday. Lazies meet Reginald Gohnson.

We first met the Houston native back in 2015 at Say What You Say Saturdays over at PAG Lounge. We were so impressed by his performance we had to do our due diligence and check out his catalog. At the time he was pushing his Don’t Smoke With Reggie mixtape. Unlike most of his rap counterparts, Reggie takes his time between projects. Next up for him is Bomb Raps and Throwbacks.

We figured that it was only right that we name him our Sunday Spotlight artist this week to keep you up to speed. Check out Reginald Gohnson’s catalog below.




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