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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Charlotte Dos Santos
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[Sunday Spotlight] Charlotte Dos Santos

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Charlotte Dos Santos.

As I sit here still amazed by what was Adventure Time ATL last night, my brain is currently throbbing from loud music and Monster energy drink overload, yet I’m reminding that there is so much talent still undiscovered. That brings us to this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist. Lazies meet Charlotte Dos Santos.

The Norwegian singer/songwriter/producer first came on our radar earlier this month with her “Red Clay” single. Inspired by her delivery and approach to music, we selected the single as one of our top ten songs of the month for our series Da Den 10. Now the interesting thing about Charlotte Dos Santos is that we don’t have a lot of music from her, but what we heard seems to attach to our souls.

Charlotte Dos Santos will release her debut Cleo this spring, but in the meantime we felt it was only right that we share her young, but brilliant catalog with your below.