Poll Of The Week: Hip-Hop’s Most Hated?


Love to hate.

This week’s Poll Of The Week takes a bit of a turn as we go down the rabbit whole of the pressing question, who is hip-hop’s most hated. Now before you add your two cents, allow us to explain the meaning behind this poll.

The names we have here know they are hated in hip-hop and most importantly, they are using that as fuel to their marketing fire. Each with their own set of problems and outburst.

First up is Soulja Boy. The Compton Atlanta Mississippi native woke up a sleeping giant a month ago and has been the talk of all things social media ever since.

Next up is our pal Meek Mill. Whether you’re a die hard fan of Drake or Nicki Minaj the MMG rapper has his fair share of reasons why people look the other way from his stellar career and impressive catalog.

Azealia Banks…hmmm just google the name. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty to say, but I think we wouldn’t serve her any justice.

Troy Ave, who I admit to thinking he had one of the most impressive debuts with his New York City: The Album haven’t done much to help his case since then. Whether it was insulting Pro Era and everyone else who had to deal with a friend dying from suicide or just being unapologetic when he should, he adds to his case as well.

So with that being said, we leave it in your hands to choose. Who is hip-hop’s most hated? Soulja Boy, Meek Mill, Azealia Banks or Troy Ave?

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