Stream Thomas Gilyard x Black Bill Gates x iLL Will The Champ – ‘Idle Minds’ EP


R.I.P. Thomas Gilyard.

To be honest with you its hard to write this post. I knew Thomas Gilyard for years before he lost his life last year. Now I don’t have this long drawn out story about how we were best friends or anything like that, but what I do have is memories of good times. We’ve worked together in several capacities, from production to putting shows on together to video editing and just conversations about life.

One thing that will forever stand out to me is a conversation we had back in 2014. I was working on a recap video for an event we had together during A3C and Blitz (those of you who rocked with Thomas for some time knows that was his name prior) called me and said, “bruh you produce music, engineer, run a website and edit videos…you like the Swiss Army knife of hip-hop”. Man he had me rolling, but prior to that day, I never thought about all that I do. I was just putting in the work, but he saw something and spoke up and for that I’m forever grateful.

Today we get word from Black Bill Gates that the project Thomas Gilyard, iLL Will The Champ and himself was working on will finally see the light. Collectively known as Idle Minds, the trio put together a solid 4 track project that will double as a chapter in the life of Thomas Gilyard.

Stream the EP below and send one up for Thomas Gilyard, a talented emcee and friend.




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