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Meet This Week's Monday Spotlight Z. Rich.
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[Monday Spotlight] Z. Rich

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Meet this week’s Sunday Monday Spotlight Z. Rich.

What’s that saying “a day late and a dollar short”. Well between the holidays and yesterday feeling like a Monday, we slipped and completely forgot about our Sunday Spotlight. So that’s why you’re seeing Monday Spotlight. No this won’t be a recurring theme, but there was no way we could skip another week of showcasing talent.

This week we point our focus to an artist you have definitely heard of before, but with a new name under his belt, we felt it was only right for a reintroduction. Lazies meet Z. Rich.

Formerly known as Phene, the York, Pennsylvania native spent the past decade building his brand as Phene, but came to a crossroads where he felt the name didn’t fit him anymore, thus the name change. Rebranding takes time and through that process some fans are confused, some are upset and if they really rock with you, they stick by your side and help to bring your vision back to life.

We felt that it was only right being a fan of Phene, that we should help the world get to know Z. Rich. What better way to do so than by grabbing his catalog and visuals for you to enjoy below.