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Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Jef Jon Sin
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[Sunday Spotlight] Jef Jon Sin

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Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Jef Jon Sin.

Real question. How many of you Instagram account actually tell a story? Like really tell a story and not what you did for the past couple of days. Well that’s what we saw with this weeks Sunday Spotlight artist. Lazies meet Jef Jon Sin.

Now after scrolling through his entire life on IG…literally, we did some investigation on Jef Jon Sin only to find this guy is a marketing genius. Not only has he went on tour across the globe and the states. That’s not the impressive part though. This guy’s transportation doubles as his stage. Now think about that for a minute. You travel the world performing on top of your van that’s plastered with your social media. This is so genius and bound to catch someone’s attention. Even Mr. West himself.

Jef Jon Sin was in Paris and knew where Kanye was staying, so him and his crew decided to set up shop hoping to get the icon’s attention.

Its this moves along with making some dope music is the reason why we felt you guys needed to take a listen to what he had to offer. Check out his latest album Irene and more of his catalog below.