[SODD Premiere] Stream Jurnee Traverse's 'Passion Of The T.R.Y.F.E. (The Real You Forever)' EP
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[SODD Premiere] Stream Jurnee Traverse’s ‘Passion Of The T.R.Y.F.E. (The Real You Forever)’ EP

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The impressive debut from the Augusta emcee is finally here.

A couple of months ago we premiered a new single from Jurnee Traverse titled “My Zone“. You may remember us raving about how the Augusta native gave us a nostalgic feeling of those No Limit days on the single.

Fast forward to now and Jurnee Traverse delivers a full meal with her Passion Of The T.R.Y.F.E. EP. Break down the project’s title and we get The Real You Forever. That’s exactly what she gives us over 5 tracks, leaving everything on record while being herself to the core. Jurnee shows off her versatility as she sports vocals on my personal favorite record, “Speak To Me”.

Keeping the entire project in house, Traverse grabs Truez and Koo Kumar for verses on “When I Leave (Funk You)” and “Never Be” respectively.

Stream Passion Of The T.R.Y.F.E. (The Real You Forever) and check the full tracklist below.