[Sunday Spotlight] 16 OS



Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight 16 OS.

Before getting into this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist, I feel its imperative to explain the importance of putting in the work. This is an era of upcoming careers that somehow become tainted at some point and time. Why? My guess is that people are entitled. We feel that, “hey this is my passion and I should be known for it immediately.” Well most of you know that’s not typical and most of the time you can grind for years before seeing any major benefits.

So what does any of this have to do with this week’s Sunday Spotlight artist you ask? Well first off this Atlanta native first came on our radar around this time last year. Now what whatever reason, we fell off on his music. However his grind alone found me casually watching a Sway in the Morning interview that had him rapping his butt off. Lazies meet 16 OS.

After being amazed by his bars, I went back to listen to his catalog and found that I was doing this man a disservice by not giving his proper just due on the quality body of work. With his Life Of The Party project out now on iTunes, I felt it was only right to bring everyone up to speed on everything there is 16 OS. Check him out below.