Meet This Week's Sunday Spotlight Nai Br.XX
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[Sunday Spotlight] Nai Br.XX

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sunday spotlight nai br.xx

Meet this week’s Sunday Spotlight Nai Br.XX.

A diamond in the rough is what comes to mind when I think of this week’s Sunday Spotlight. Armed with a curly afro, a microphone and her guitarist/producer Sensei Bueno, she allows her voice to take away your problems of the day. Lazies meet Nai Br.XX.

The New York born singer first came on our radar during a performance a couple of months back at The Art Exchange here in Atlanta. With a voice as angelic as I’ve ever heard, Nai does away with all of the gimmicks and rely solely on good music to woo us over. After making her way to Atlanta a couple of years ago, she met producer Sensei Bueno and put out her first single “Bed Weather”. The success alone sprouted an EP from the new found duo titled Wasted Callaway.

As always we felt that the world needed to hear we did, so as a treat we included everything Nai Bri.XX had to offer below.