[SODD Premiere] Cold As Hell - "Party Anyway"
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[SODD Premiere] Cold As Hell – “Party Anyway”

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Anterluz & Lyrical bring the party to your front door.

Once again this is why I love the internet. We are no longer bound to working with people within driving distance. If you have ideas that can branch out beyond the borders of these United States, no longer do you have to consider buying a plane ticket. All you need now is a strong wifi connection and magic happens.

This “magic” is what makes Cold As Hell. The California (IE) and Sweden (Stockholm) duo individually known as Anterluz & Lyrical gave us the go ahead to premiere a new single today with “Party Anyway”. Produced by Krikit Boi, the single is one that will guarantee to make you move and that’s all you need to know. The rest is up to your ears.

Head down bottom and give it a spin and if you’re in Riverside, CA head over to Proabition tonight. DJ Krim will have this one on smash. Trust me.