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Neak – “Break It Down”

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break it down

Featuring F.A.B.L.E., Sincerely Yours, Rashid Hadee & DJ RTST.

Fresh off dropping a gem with fellow Chicagoan Add​-​2 with “Do Dat That”, Neak announce a deluxe version of his Paura​/​Amore LP by releasing a new posse cut “Break It Down”.

Produced by Neak himself, the single features F​.​A​.​B​.​L​.​E​.​, Sincerely Yours, Rashid Hadee, along with cuts by DJ RTST.

Peep the lyrics and stream below.

First Verse (F.A.B.L.E.):

Youngest of the Yahwehs we so crucial / special cloth alert this ain’t nothing you used to / lame niggas talkin’ down / they so fu-fu / this here’s for Tanya, Lisa and Nu-Nu / jukin’ in the basement its hot in herrrre / got the vision of an eagle wit binocularrs / no games being played I am so / sincerrrre / my degree in Pimpology I do concurr / Stevie can see that we be the greatest / death to the hate-filled jealous perpetrators / niggas bring flavors like a pack of now a laters / chrome to ya dome if you underestimate us / Chi state of mind I reside in the west / home is where the heart is and I confess / everything I do I’ma make you proud / the sky has no limit go above them clouds….now….

Second Verse (Sincerely Yours):

Cool as a fan cool as I am known to black out / once in a blue mood that I’m in play the background / fronting my move true to my stance laying smack down / busting my move loot in my hand’s took the back route / loving the view new to my plan’s oh you mad now / nothing to do pursue the end’s till I’m a cash cow / something to prove do what you can I ain’t ask how / bad word if I lose coming to win cause I been assed out / wasn’t in tune was looking slim took a chance vow to jump at the cue / above the rim near a black cloud duck if I shoot / gunning again from a glasshouse stuck on the roof / running my gem’s dropping jewel’s got them catching my drift / caught in the wind mind blew I’d rather travel than trip / that all depend’s but I just knew it couldn’t get bad as it get / it’s all good all love they hate I’m back I’m on my shit Sincerely Yours nigga!

Chorus (DJ RTST):

*Scratches: Break It Down (8 bars)

Third Verse (Neak):

Child of a slum / we drippin’ in blood diamonds / dreams going far like dreamin’ to buy an island / wouldn’t get far / no Game playing or parlaying / Ultralight Beamin’ these jewels / I call it Kanyean / need more than Drizzy 0’s to yell Nigga We Made It / bad word the money if youngins on the corner forsaken / Die Fresh Live Free that’s word to Bravado / El Presidente / run it refurbish the motto / no frontin’ like Pharrell we reelin’ in models / outta Advil / life is the pill that we swallow / yo / life will turn a nigga to a monster / a genius / Medusa / A double entendre uh / now you wonder why I’m trippin’ off the champagne / life’s short an any moment I’m on Phife train / word life bless the dead and it’s one love to the most high / we the cool shit you know what’s up…

Fourth Verse (Rashid Hadee):

Put it on the line / I’m the one to find / Hadiesel never call in sick, I’m working overtime / holding mine down leaving lames mortified / no denying that I’m border line kinda porcupine / cause it ain’t hard to tell I’m on point / got them Betty’s in the telly on their belly rolling joints / concierge knocking at the door from making too much noise / but they can’t water my fire or steal a bit of joy / we just trying to live and have fun / might as well if life’s short and live only once / I’m still the same dude that would freestyle at lunch / same dude at the school party that would spike the punch / same dude walking through the Taste with my cup that I brought from outside and let my ear hold my blunt / it’s golden how I know it overdosing on the moments holding on and gotta go and keep it thawed out, unfrozen…

Chorus (DJ RTST):

*Scratches: Break It Down (8 bars)