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Michael Aristotle - "Lottery" (Prod. By Wili Hendrixs)

Michael Aristotle – “Lottery” (Prod. By Wili Hendrixs)

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MEGA MILLIONS on the way.

We’ve all contemplated heading to the corner store and throwing down a couple of bucks for a chance to win millions from your local lottery. Some of us acted on that temptation, while the rest of us didn’t want to leave things up to chance.

Well if you are in or around the scene in Atlanta, you’ve probably seen Michael Aristotle and Wili Hendrixs with a huge check in hand that would make you think Publishers Clearing House showed up at your doorstep.

What’s on the check? Its a promo effort that will exceed any idea I’ve seen the past couple of years on the indie level. Not only does it has Michael Aristotle’s upcoming project title, but the date the project will drop as well. To kick off the promotion for his MEGA MILLIONS EP with the release of the Wili Hendrixs-produced “Lottery”, which can be heard below.