Laying A Solid Foundation



Brick by brick.

Can I ask you a real question? Are you happy with the position you’re in currently? Now if the answer is yes, then this is not for you. However, if you’re one of the many people who would answer that question no, then allow me to shed some light on why you should be using this time to build a solid foundation.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a few like minded individuals about an event we we’re planning this month. I took a couple of things away for our conversation. One was we all had a goal in mind, to further our brand and the other was the importance of teamwork. We all had ideas and we all had an understanding; everything we do was for the benefit of this event.

In my eyes I like to think of this is laying down a solid foundation. Growing up my uncle was a brick mason. Even though we rarely spent a lot of time talking, he would tell me about what he did from time to time. He told me that the most important thing you can do when laying bricks, is to start with a smooth and level surface. He said that if you start with a bump then your foundation would eventually crumble and the brick job would be a mess.

The same can be said about your career. We all start on a level surface, but if we don’t take the time out to prep the ground (perform at hole in the wall clubs), get all of your tools together (building a solid team), lay the bricks (actually put in the work), then we simply can’t expect to be successful. Success is one brick at a time. Don’t get caught up in the length of time it takes. Enjoy the journey and keep pushing.

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